close view 3d lattice  implant

Our expertise lies in solid mechanics, structural optimization, and fabrication of architected materials. Some of these materials, often named metamaterials, exhibit extreme mechanical properties, at times beyond those of existing solids. Through a combined approach of experiments, theory, and simulations, we study their mechanical response across the spectrum of length scale. We also study the role of cellular architecture in plant tissues, in particular in response to water stimuli. The outcome of these investigations serves as a springboard that we often exploit to develop advanced technology of practical use, particularly in medicine and aerospace. Our current interests are:

  • micromechanics of architected materials, in particular lattices, made of hard and soft solids,
  • hierarchical structures, functionally graded materials, and fiber steered laminates with variable stiffness,
  • graded cellular architecture in plant tissues, with current emphasis on water actuation in Resurrection plants,
  • structural (topology, shape and size) optimization, multiobjective optimization, and robust optimization accounting for manufacturing uncertainties.

Current work in medicine focuses on high strength porous biomaterials and implants with augmented functionality for bone replacement, and self-expandable lattices for scaffolding devices. In aerospace, collaborative efforts with industries presently include the development of multifunctional architected components for use in lightweight satellites and turbine engines.