The Architected Materials Group encourages applications from underrepresented minority groups including students and scholars with physical disabilities and diversity of background, such as race, ethnicity, cultural identity, language background, socio-economic status, and religion. In our lab, we work to create and maintain an environment of safety, mutual respect, and support, and we commit to remove systems of oppression and discrimination among members of our community.

We have multiple openings and always seek excellent students who are committed to perform high-quality research.

Graduate Students
If your interests and background are strong in either mechanics, and/or optimization, numeric analysis and mathematics, and/or additive manufacturing, and would like to become a member of my group, I encourage you to apply to the graduate program in Mechanical Engineering at McGill University. You should first read the description of the current projects before submitting your file to the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Admissions Committee, who will verify whether you meet the minimum requirements for acceptance in our graduate program. In the application you might want to specify the area you would like to work in and your interest in working with me. If you are expecting to receive a scholarship (such as from NSERC, FQRNT, or other granting agencies), please contact me directly to arrange, if possible, a visit to our lab.

Undergraduate Students
If you are an undergraduate student willing to work on a design project or honour’s thesis or summer internship under my supervision, please, see the description of the research areas and projects, and contact me. SURE and NSERC summer internships are available for both international and Canadian citizen/permanent resident students. You are encouraged to apply to fund your internship.

Students from Other Universities
If you are a graduate student at another University with strong academic achievements and wish to carry out part of your research in my group, please contact me. We will verify whether your research is aligned to our activities. Furthermore, I suggest carefully reading the McGill rules for Visiting students, Graduate research trainees, and Exchange students.


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