Welcome to the website of the Architected Materials Group!
Our expertise lies in mechanics of materials, computational synthesis, and structural optimization. The current focus is on mechanical metamaterials with both stiff and soft architecture, and combination thereof. Through an integrated approach of mechanics theory, multiscale computations, digital design and experiments, we engage research along two complementary yet distinct tracks. The first aims at unveiling the mechanics, multiphysics, and functional response of architected materials in response to an external stimulus, such as temperature or a mechanical input. The second capitalizes on the insights gained from the first track to develop advanced technology of unprecedented performance for multiple sectors, such as aerospace, soft robotics and medicine. Our current interests are:

  • Origami and kirigami metamaterials,
  • Hierarchical and functionally graded lattices made of hard and soft solids,
  • Geometrically non-linear metamaterials,
  • Structural (topology, shape and size) optimization, multiobjective optimization, and robust optimization accounting for uncertainties and process-induced defects,
  • Resurrection plants and their multiscale architected tissues with emphasis on the role of water actuation.

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