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Lab News

  • Soft matter cover

    Soft Matter Cover

    Pardis' paper on Surface Patterns in Liquid Crystal Membranes is featured as Cover of Soft Matter

  • ortho-implant

    Our hip implant in the news

    Towards better hip replacements

  • bistable_auxetics

    Our work on BBC News

    Islamic art inspires stretchy, switchable materials.

  • AdvMat_frontispiece_news

    Advanced Materials Frontispiece

    Our paper on Snapping Mechanical Metamaterials is featured as a Frontispiece in Advanced Materials.

  • snaping_metamaterial

    Research Highlight in Nature Materials

    Our paper on "Snapping Mechanical Metamaterials under Tension" published in Advanced Materials is featured as a Research Highlight in Nature Materials.

  • Night_tulip

    Research Highlight in AIP News

    Our paper on "Tunable nano-wrinkling of chiral surfaces: Structure and diffraction optics" published in The Journal of Chemical Physics is featured in an AIP Publishing News article entitled Understanding Nature's Most Striking Colors.

  • JCP_cover_news

    The Journal of Chemical Physics Cover

    Our work on "Tunable nano-wrinkling of chiral surfaces: Structure and diffraction optics" featured on the cover of The Journal of Chemical Physics. Congratulations Pardis!

  • Dobson_award

    1st place at McGill Dobson Cup

    Our group won the 1st place prize at the 2015 McGill Dobson Cup Start-UP Competition.

  • Mostafa_Elsayed

    Mostafa El Sayed Appointment

    We are glad to announce that in August 2015 Mostafa El Sayed, our former PhD student (2007-2010), has been appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University.

  • Rhea_Seath_award_2015

    William and Rhea Seath Award

    The William and Rhea Seath 2014-2015 Award for innovative research with potential for commercialization is awarded to Prof. Pasini, Sajad Arabnejad, Burnett Johnston and Dr. Michael Tanzer, MD (Department of Surgery).