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Cellular Materials (MECH548)

Overview of hierarchical solids exhibiting cellular structure. Cell size, shape and topology of bending and stretching dominated cellular materials, with particular focus on the mechanics of periodic lattices. Introduction to mechanics theories (homogenization and reducer order models) for cellular solids as well as their numerical implementation within a computational framework using finite element method and in-house scripts developed in Matlab. Elastitcity, plasticity, fatigue, and other physical properties, such as thermal expansion. Review of cellular solids in nature, such plant tissues and trabecular bone. Application of concepts on the mechanics of lattice materials to the design of mechanical metamaterials and to the optimization of multifunctional lattices.

Advanced Mechanics of Materials (MECH632)

Review of stress and strain tensors, equilibrium and boundary conditions. Constitutive equations for linear and non-linear elasticity; viscoelasticity; rubber elasticity. Implementation of nonlinear constitutive relations for mechanical engineering applications. Microscale mechanisms and their relation to macroscopic performance. Plasticity in metals: deformation maps, micromechanics, failure criteria, post-yield flow, creep and temperature effects. Structure and properties of polymers, models for plasticity and crazing. Fracture and fatigue, Weibull statistics for ceramics and glasses. Selected advanced topics and discussion of modern materials.

Deformable Solids (MECH321)

Modern phenomenological theories of the behaviour of engineering materials. Stress and strain concepts and introduction to constitutive theory. Applications of theory of elasticity and thermoelasticity. Introduction to finite element analysis methods.

Machine Element Design (MECH393)

Static and fatigue failure theories, as well as surface failure of machine elements including shafts, keys and couplings, bearings, gears, springs and fasteners.