Multimaterial 3d-printing



We are developing a manufacturing-design platform that integrates topology optimization, functionally gradient materials, and multiobjective optimization to 3d-print lattice products. Current application, a topologically optimized chair in multimaterial graded lattice, emerges from a collaboration with the School of Architecture at McGill University. The project focuses on the potential to optimize design solutions by combining computational methods that are currently researched in the fields structural optimization, computational design and digital fabrication. The main objective is to use computational tools and 3d printing to build architectural objects that feature biological formations in their material, e.g. cellular tissue microarchitecture, and that are simultaneously optimized for structural and manufacturing design. Our method combines aspects of multiscale mechanics of cellular materials, multiobjective optimization, material design and digital manufacturing.

Current Students

Abdolhamid Akbarzadeh Shafaroud, Angela Badrieh


Prof Aaron Sprecher, Francois Leblanc (School of Architecture, McGill University)