William and Rhea Seath Award

The William and Rhea Seath Award 2014-2015 for innovative research is awarded to Professor Pasini, Sajad Arabnejad, Burnett Johnston and Dr. Michael Tanzer, MD (Department of Surgery) for their “Fully Porous Hip Replacement Implant Capable of Eliminating Bone Resorption” project. Their novel implant uses a fully porous structural biomaterial that avoids bone resorption by seamlessly matching the properties of the local host bone tissue. In addition, the new design can be adopted with no modifications to existing surgical technique and hospital infrastructure. Existing hip replacement procedures often require follow-up surgery that can increase the risk of complications and even death. Current hip implants in the market are incapable of preventing long-term stress-related bone loss, which is a risk factor for the success of revision hip surgery. The award is contributing to the cost of the animal studies.