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Development and Application of Optimization Methods

Ackley’s Test Function with Two  Design Variables

Ackley’s Test Function with Two Design Variables

Comparison of True Model (Buckling Load Contours) and Surrogate Models [(b) KRG; (c) RBF; (d) PR; and (e) SVR]

Comparison of True Model (Buckling Load Contours) and Surrogate Models [(b) KRG; (c) RBF; (d) PR; and (e) SVR]


Our work on structural optimization, multiobjective optimization and surrogate modelling involved the development of optimization methods as well as their application to practical engineering. This is a core expertise of the lab as well as an aspect strongly tied to practical applications. The algorithms developed in this track are tailored to a given application and are instrumental to optimize ‘material by design and fabrication’. In particular, we have been working on:

  • development of hybrid evolutionary algorithms for laminate composite;
  • concurrent optimization of manufacturing and structural design of laminate composites;
  • shape optimization of lattices to reduce stress-concentration and increase fatigue failure;
  • multiobjective hierarchical topology optimization of cellular materials  for  stiffness and permeability tailored to bone in-growth;
  • multiobjective optimization coupled with surrogate modelling for variable stiffness laminate composite;
  • Multidisciplinary optimization of planar lattices for stent devices.

Current Students

Mahdi Arian Nik, Emily Gogarty, Purnendu Prithipaul

Relevant Publications

  • Arian Nik, M., Fayazbakhsh, K., Pasini, D., Lessard, L., A comparative study of metamodeling methods for the design optimization of variable stiffness composites, Composites Structures, vol. 107, pp. 494-501, 2014. Buy Veterinary Diazepam
  • Fayazbakhsh, K., Arian Nik, M., Pasini, D., Lessard, L., Optimization of variable stiffness composites with embedded defects induced by Automated Fiber Placement, Composites Structures, Vol. 107, pp. 160–166, 2014. Buy Soma Online Usa
  • S. B. Visweswaraiah, H. Ghiasi, Pasini, D., L. Lessard, Multi-objective Optimization of a Composite Rotor Blade Cross-section, Composites Structures, Vol. 96, pp. 75-81, 2013.Buy Diazepam Australia
  • Arian Nik, M., Fayazbakhsh, K., Pasini, D., Lessard, L., Surrogate-based multi-objective optimization of a composite laminate with curvilinear fibers, Composites Structures, Vol 94, pp. 2306–2313, 2012. Adipex To Buy Online
  • Ghiasi, H., Pasini, D., Lessard, L, A Non-dominated Sorting Hybrid Algorithm for Multi-objective Optimization of Engineering Problems, Journal of Engineering Optimization, vol. 43 (1) pp. 39 -59, 2011. Buy Valium Bangkok Airport
  • Ghiasi H., Kazem Fayazbakhsh, Pasini D., Lessard L., Optimum stacking sequence design of composite materials. Part II: Variable stiffness design, Composite Structures, Vol. 93 (1), pp. 1-13 2010. Buy Xanax On The Internet
  • Ghiasi, H., Pasini, D., Lessard, L, Pareto Frontier for Simultaneous Structural and Manufacturing Optimization of a Composite Part, Journal of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 40(1):497-511, 2010. Buy Diazepam Online Uk
  • Ghiasi, H., Pasini, D., Lessard, L, M. Thouin, Optimum Structural and Manufacturing Design of a Braided Hollow Composite Part, J Applied Comp Mat, Vol. 17(2), pp. 159–173, 2010. Buy Phentermine Kvk Tech
  • Ghiasi, H., Pasini, D., Lessard L., Optimum Stacking Sequence Design of Composite Materials. Part I: Constant Stiffness Design, Composite Structures, Vol. 90 (1), pp. 1-1, 2009. Cheap Ambien Cr