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News Archives - Pasini Group

Buy Soma Online Usa

Buy Valium 2Mg Online

Our work on Bistable Auxetics inspired by ancient geometric motifs along with recent advances in the emerging field of Mechanical Metamaterials is featured in PNAS.

Buy Valium Bangkok Airport

Buy Xanax On The Internet

Our paper on Durable Bistable Auxetics made of rigid solids is featured in the Journal of Material Research and in the MRS Bulletin

Buy Phentermine Kvk Tech

Cheap Ambien Cr

We received the 2017 Award for “Excellence in Basic, Clinical, and Translational Science” from the Journal of Orthopaedic Research

Buy Phentermine Capsules

Super Cheap Xanax

We won the inaugural EngInE Innovation Fellowship Award for our technology on bone replacement implants

Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online

Buy Phentermine From Canadian Pharmacy

Another article of Pardis on architected surface patterns in liquid crystal membranes is featured as Cover of Soft Matter

Buy Valium Norway

Buy Adipex Online Usa

Kazem is now Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace at Ryerson University.

Buy Cheap Alprazolam

Cheap Valium From India

Our work is featured in the August 2017 issue of PhysicsWorld.

Buy Phentermine With Paypal

Buy Alprazolam In China

Pardis’ paper on Surface Patterns in Liquid Crystal Membranes is featured as Cover of Soft Matter

Ambien Get High

Buy Diazepam India Online

Towards better hip replacements

Order Real Phentermine 37.5

Buy Valium China

Islamic art inspires stretchy, switchable materials.

Order Ambien Online Uk

Buy Valium Now

Our paper on Snapping Mechanical Metamaterials is featured as a Frontispiece in Advanced Materials.

Buy Alprazolam 2Mg

Buy Zolpidem From India

Our paper on “Snapping Mechanical Metamaterials under Tension” published in Advanced Materials is featured as a Research Highlight in Nature Materials.

Buy Diazepam 10Mg Online Uk

Buy Ambien Europe

Our paper on “Tunable nano-wrinkling of chiral surfaces: Structure and diffraction optics” published in The Journal of Chemical Physics is featured in an AIP Publishing News article entitled Understanding Nature’s Most Striking Colors.

Cheap Valium For Sale

Order Phentermine 37.5

Our work on “Tunable nano-wrinkling of chiral surfaces: Structure and diffraction optics” featured on the cover of The Journal of Chemical Physics. Congratulations Pardis!

Generic Ambien 5Mg

Get Ambien Prescription

Our group won the 1st place prize at the 2015 McGill Dobson Cup Start-UP Competition.

Buy Cheap Generic Ambien Online

Soma 350Mg 2410

We are glad to announce that in August 2015 Mostafa El Sayed, our former PhD student (2007-2010), has been appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University.

Buy Phentermine Generic

Buy Valium In Ho Chi Minh

The William and Rhea Seath 2014-2015 Award for innovative research is awarded to Prof. Pasini, Sajad Arabnejad, Burnett Johnston and Dr. Michael Tanzer, MD (Department of Surgery).

Buy Greenstone Xanax Online

Order Alprazolam Online From Canada

Congratulation to Hamid Akbarzadeh, our former PostDoctoral fellow (2013-2015), for being appointed Assistant Professor of the Department of Bioresource Engineering at McGill as of August 2015!